About Rafting

White water rafting involves navigating on a mountain river with an inflatable boat. It became popular in Georgia in the 60-70s of the 20th century. It's a fun and extreme activity as you have to overcome the river’s rapid flows, whirlpools, and many other obstacles. An experienced instructor sits with you on the boat and gives you directions and instructions, while a separate instructor who is responsible for safety, follows the boat with a kayak independently. Rivers Mtkvari, Aragvi, Rioni, Tergi, Enguri, and Tskhenistskali are used for rafting in Georgia. The best time is spring when the levels of water are high, providing more extreme experience. In summer, the levels are low; therefore, rafting is less intense. Those who want to experience white water rafting do not need any specialized training. Before the adventure, the instructor gives you all the necessary instructions, including how to paddle and what to do in case of a boat crash or any other accident. Rafting does not require specific clothing either, rescue vests and helmets are provided on-site.



  • Spring
  • Summer


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Samegrelo is a historical region in western Georgia bordering with defacto Abkhazia, Svaneti, Imereti Guria, and the Black Sea. Administratively, it is incorporated with its neighboring mountainous region...

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The region was formed in the mid-1990s by combining three provinces - Meskheti (Samtskhe), Javakheti and Tori. Its administrative center is Akhaltsikhe. Samtskhe–Javakheti spans on 6,413 sq. km of land...

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