About Hiking

Hiking belongs to adventure tourism where a traveler doesn’t use any transport and walks to a specific destination while bringing a tent, food, and other necessary equipment in the backpack. Usually, such supplies are always lightweight and compact to travel comfortably. There are dozens of hiking trails in Georgia. Consequently, this type of tourism is much more developed. Here, you can explore mountainous regions, national parks, lakes, and villages, to name a few. You can put up a tent almost anywhere, though there are several places where it's not advised and are designated areas specifically for camping. National parks have wooden cottages where you can overnight with your sleeping bag. Georgia has both easy and challenging hiking trails. Therefore, anyone can find a path that suits their needs. There are numerous trails where having a guide is highly recommended.



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Kakheti is a historical region in the eastern part of Georgia. It has eight administrative districts with the central town of Telavi. It borders with the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan. The region...

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Samegrelo is a historical region in western Georgia bordering with defacto Abkhazia, Svaneti, Imereti Guria, and the Black Sea. Administratively, it is incorporated with its neighboring mountainous region...

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The region was formed in the mid-1990s by combining three provinces - Meskheti (Samtskhe), Javakheti and Tori. Its administrative center is Akhaltsikhe. Samtskhe–Javakheti spans on 6,413 sq. km of land...

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